Aichi Department

 Aich department, the 2nd department of JSI, was established in 1984 April supported by Rokuro Akashi who was an entrepreneur in Gamagori city and DENSO CORPORATION in Kariya city. JSI Aichi department is in charge of health care for people with disabilities. DENSO CORPORATION and DENSOTAIYO which is joint venture company founded by DENSO and JSI, are in charge of work related for people with disabilities in order to support their independent life.

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Support for Continuous Employment Type A Services

Support for Continuous Employment Type B Services
 Denso Division: the manufacturing of car parts.

Joint Venture Company, DENSOTAIYO CO.,LTD.

Cooperative Companies, Gamagori Shinkin Bank JSI branch

Welfare Home, Hidamari

Person with Disabilities Consultation and Support Center, Niji

Daytime temporally Support Business, Wakaba

Community Center & Cafe, Sunny Side 


Aichi Department

ADDRESS:28-1 Kitahara-machi, Gamagori city, Aichi prefecutre, Postal Code 443-0103
PHONE :(0533)57-1611
FAX  :(0533)57-1606