Sports and Our Teams

Japan Sun Industries, Beppu Headquarters accommodates different training facilities like arena, swimming pool, Gym etc where in-house club members and community people enjoy various disabled sports. Let us introduce those club activities at our facility. Please be aware that practice day and place are subject to change.

Wheelchair Basketball
Club Name Taiyo no Ie Spurs

Wheelchair Basketball is the most popular sports among Disability Sports. Basic rules, basket ring, ball etc are same as the normal basketball. You will be fascinated by the speediness and energy of the players on the court.

Schedule Every Wednesday & Friday @ Sun Sports Center Arena 2F
Time 19:30~21:00
写真 車椅子バスケットボール

Wheelchair Twin Basketball
Club Name Taiyo no Ie Breakers / Taiyono Ie Appolons

Wheelchair twin basketball is especially for people with severe disabilities like cervical spinal cord injury, quadriplegia and etc. This sports use normal basket ring plus a smaller ring placed within the free-throw area.

Schedule Every Wednesday @ Sun Sports Arena 2F
Time 18:00~19:30
写真 車椅子ツインバスケットボール

Indoor Soccer
Club Name FC Taiyo Freedoms

Indoor Soccer is specially enjoyed by Cerebral Palsy who can stand and non disabled persons. The ball is of smaller size (diameter 16.5cm) made from soft material (sponge) and the goal post is also especially designed.

Schedule Every Tuesday @ Sun Sports Arena 2F
Time 19:30~21:00
写真 サッカー

Club Name Taiyono Ie Tennis Club Spash

This club is mainly for people who use Wheelchair. All the rules are similar to normal tennis except 2 bound ball return is acceptable in wheel chair tennis.

Schedule Every Monday and Wednesday @ Sun Sports Arena 2F
Time 19:30~21:00
写真 テニス

Rolling Volleyball
Club Name Taiyo no Ie DONKEYS

Rolling volleyball is played sitting on the floor. Mainly the vanguard plays in sitting position and rear guard can play in upright position. This sport is played by disabled and non disabled people together in lively atmosphere.

Schedule Every Monday @ Sun Sports Center Arena 2F
Time 18:00~19:30
写真 ローリングバレーボール

Takkyu Volley
Club Name Taiyono Ie Sunshine

This sport uses pin ball, (contains small rounded lead inside) which is rolled over a table tennis table. Each team consists of 6 players. Rules are quite similar to volley ball except the ball is rolled under the net.

Schedule Every Tuesday @ Community Center
Time 18:00~19:30
写真 卓球バレー

Club Name Taiyo no Ie SUN Chips

This sport uses a white ball called Jack ball and colored balls (6 blue and 6 red). The colored balls are thrown near the white ball. Severely disabled persons can use supportive ramp during the play.

Schedule Every Tuesday and Thursday @ Sun Sports Center 2F
Time 18:00~19:30
写真 ボッチャ

Flying Disc
Club Name Taiyo no Ie Adventure

Flying Disc for people with disabilities is divided into two categories. One is “Distance” where the disc is spurt as far as possible and the other is “Accuracy” where the disc is passed from a 91.5 diameter ring.

Schedule 1)Every Monday @ Community Center
2)Every Friday @ Sun Sports Center 2F
Time 18:00~19:30
写真 フライングディスク

Table Tennis
Club Name Table Tennis Club

All rules are same as normal Table Tennis. One of the oldest sports for disabled, this sport is also included in All Japan Sports Festival for Disabled.

Schedule Every Wednesday @ Community Center
Time 18:30~21:00
写真 卓球

Canoe Club
Club Name Sun Fish

This club is active during summer only where the club members enjoy canoeing in rivers.

Schedule TBD(summer season only) @ Ono River
Time Flexible
写真 カヌー

Club Name Badminton Club

Rule is almost same to normal badminton game.

Schedule Every Thursday @ Sun Sports Center Arena 2F
Time 18:00~19:30
写真 バトミントン